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Thread: Going from OG Droid to Bionic, biggest things to expect?

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    As far as what to expect, here is a list that I found on another forum stating what should be fixed in an upcoming ota update (have seen a similar list on this forum, just could not find it).

    “Official” DROID Bionic Bug List: Fix Coming in November, Incapable of 8-device Hotspot, 4G/3G Issues and More – Droid Life: A Droid Community Blog

    Keep in mind that the priorities etc may have changed, but this will at least give you an idea. I would not panic about what you see as folks see these issues to varying degrees. You will typically find a laundry list of these things for updates to different phones when there are issues and updates. You kinda gotta filter out the rants people have on this site when they are frustrated (yours truly included ;-) but that's the beauty of a good open forum.

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    My OG Droid was unrooted so one of the first things was the speed of the processor. I live in San Diego so 4Glte is generally accessible. Extremely fast. I use the word "generally" because it depends on where I am. I don't seem to be having the data drop problem that others have.

    I suggest getting Verizon's extended battery as it adds far less to the thickness than the Seidio extended battery for the OG Droid.

    Oh yes, until the update, don't move any of the apps to the "Media Area." For some reason they disappear.
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    the bionic is an awesome phone. even stock blows the og out of the water. add an aftermarket launcher or custom rom and your bro will flip out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tcayton49 View Post
    Going from the OG to the Bionic, the biggest thing I noticed is speed. There is no noticeable lag to me. With the OG, the redraws were getting beyond annoying, but the Bionic absolutely flies.
    Also the size. I picked up my bionic a couple of days ago just to compare and I can't believe I ever used something so tiny.
    I'm assuming he's prepared for the lack of physical keyboard, so that shouldn't be a shock.
    The screen is visible outside which is a pleasant departure from the OG
    The power button is on the opposite side. It took me a couple of days to get used to it. Some people really complained about it, but it was no big deal to me.
    Did I mention the speed?

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    Thanks a lot guys I appreciate the comments!

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    I went from the OG Droid as well, and tell him to keep both hands on his Bionic. The speed will amaze him. My Droid was rooted and had custom rom and overclocking, but the phone just didn't have the hardware for all of that, and, by the time I was up for my 2 year, it was slow, slow, slow. I've really seen no issues with the Bionic as I don't live in a 4G area as yet. I see no issues at all with the screen; in fact, it's a real pleasure to finally be able to read a screen outside! Tell him to enjoy.
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