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Thread: Verizon Customer Service

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    Bionic and Rezond switching

    Verizon Customer Service

    WOW.. I just got off the phone with a Verizon Customer Service Rep.. I had written to complain about the Bionic, losing service , (Many people are having No Data). ,And also, that they have done away with the new Every 2 .I am stuck with a Phone that they have given up on for 2 years. The woman said it was the first she had heard of anyone having Connectivity problems with there Bionic. ???? Has No one else complained.?

    Her solution to my connectivity problem is.... You can go back to your Droid X2 until we find out the solution to the Bionic.. ( so she knows there is a Problem) ..I said Hey thats a great Idea.. I take my Phone I just Paid $350 for and Put it back in a Box.. Until you fix it??? Or we can send you another phone . ( that still won't work).

    She told me they did away with the New every 2 because it was only on the Primary line and the Wives complained because they didn't get a free phone.. I said so you want to Upset all the Primary line holders.. ?? You do realize these are the people that make the decision as to where to buy their wireless?

    So if you are Unhappy with your connectivity, ,Just go back to your old Phone.. that is Verizon's answer..

    One the bright side she spoke English.. and said she would pass my concerns on to Marketing.
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    Yea this is not surprising....Verizon customer service & retention is completely non-existent.....

    Verizon customer service is terrible, they have no real retention department, when I left At&t and dropped the iphone to get the Motorola Droid; At&t told me to keep the iphone for free & told me to keep the service for the next 6 months free of charge incase I could transfer over the contract to a friend or my Droid had issues....seriously I only had the apple iphone for about 3 weeks and back then it was a 14 day return policy, they cancelled my contract I paid $150 & kept the iphone-sold it for around $345....although I turned down the 6 months of free service, it was an excellent offer nonetheless.....

    When I got my Droid I bought it from Verizon's website for $199...2 days later it dropped to $100...I asked for refund, they said no, I told them you know I can cancel this and get a new contract at another retail location, they said sure just toss it back in the box and send it back then in 3-4 weeks we'll send the refund back to your card and you can purchase one in person.....

    Horrible customer service since day 1....but since At&t & Sprint can't seem to get their network up to speed with big red & their phone models are nowhere close to Verizon's line up what are ya gonna do?
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    They always play dumb with the data issue. I have complained as well and they mess around for hours without addressing the issue. It's just too easy for them to play dumb and do nothing.
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    I don't know... But VZW customer service has been the best in comparison to AT&T and Sprint, IMHO... I started off with Cingular back back in the day and they were awesome until AT&T bought them out. Then it all went straight to hell. When I moved to TX, I went with Sprint, since they were the only carrier available where I was stationed. In the 3 years with them, I don't think I EVER got an English speaking rep on the line. For the first 2 years of that service, they couldn't even get my name spelled right on my bill. And my name is Adams. How do you mess up Adams??? Got stationed in FL and went to Verizon for the Motorola Q, and it was great until I jumped on the iPhone bandwagon and went back to AT&T. Biggest mistake in my cell phone life. Horrible service all around. Reception was non-existent and the customer service had me pulling my hair out. I tried out T-Mobile and they're great, but the phone selection tends to be kinda below all the other carriers. I'm happy to be back with VZW. And I'm not saying they're perfect; I've had a few run ins with unhelpful reps and ignorant sales people, but in comparison, they're better than the competition. So lesser than two evils, I guess.


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