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Thread: How to rebel against VZW's locked bootloaders?

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    How to rebel against VZW's locked bootloaders?

    Apparently the Motorola RAZR will be sold unlocked everywhere in the world outside the US. VZW is scared about tethering compromising the integrity of their LTE network, but if they knew how unhappy that make so many of us, maybe they would do something about it.


    ow about attacking those who tether wirelessly, rather than all of us?
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    You can't really rebel against it sadly, unless you somehow got the masses to choose the Nexus over the Razr. Problem is, outside of forums like this and websites like Droid Life, no one really knows what a bootloader is, let alone care about it being locked or not. And the idea that Verizon only does it due to wireless tethering is just...not justified. Fact of the matter is, if the above masses did have access to tinkering around with their phones (and were knowledgeable of this option) in the way that an unlocked bootloader provides, Verizon would see a heck of a lot more bricked devices returned to them. Because the general populace has the mindset of "instant gratification" which does not go hand-in-hand with carefully reading through post after post to make sure you don't take a wrong turn and completely eff up your device. And when that DOES happen, those same people are more prone to running to Verizon with their tail between their legs or filing an insurance claim under "Lost/Stolen devices" as opposed to sifting through more posts in an attempt to correct the problem themselves.

    Whew, rant of the day.
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