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Thread: A Few Droid Bionic Questions

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    A Few Droid Bionic Questions

    Just got my Bionic a couple weeks ago (used to have a Blackberry Tour) and absolutely love it. I was just wondering a few things:

    1. Is the speakerphone full-duplex or half-duplex?
    2. Are there any general tips for improving camera picture quality? I have set it to 8mp rather than 5mp and have set the "Steady Hand" option. Also, is the LED flash single or dual and does that matter?
    3. Can different SIM cards be inserted into the phone (other than the Verizon 4G one)? And has anyone taken it to other countries?
    4. Does anyone know of a way to make true Java work on the phone? I have heard that rooting will allow this...
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    1. Pretty sure half-duplex
    2. The camera is awesome once you get used to it. It's an AF lens, not FF. You need to let it find the focus and the little box will turn green. Then you snap pix
    3. It's not a world phone. The SIM is to identify the device to the LTE network
    4. not sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tpcrotty2 View Post
    2. Are there any general tips for improving camera picture quality? I have set it to 8mp rather than 5mp and have set the "Steady Hand" option.
    The point was made in the Motorola Owner's Forum that the cam seems to work a little faster at 6MP setting - and it does seem to ... but - I want 8MP images myself - I downloaded "Camera Zoom FX" from teh Market after reading many recommendations blah blah blah - it's not bad for working faster and keeping 8MP setting at the same time (there are many focus settings inside this app if you decide to try it - such as "continuous" "infinity" "macro" "auto" etc etc ad nauseam ... ) ...

    Also - From my own personal experience with the camera - I seem to get better results not using the flash (but I dislike any onboard flash of any camera, so that may be a personal preference) ... If you don't prefer to use a 3rd party app for your cam. - just be patient with it - tap and focus - it will get there ) ...

    If I'm using the stock camera app - I seem to get the least amount of noise in "Auto" or "Portrait" mode - the most amount in "Stead Hand" or "Sport" mode ...

    It doesn't do blacks very well LOL (I saw some improvement with this using Camera Zoom FX) ... The resulting color isn't bad (My monitor / printer etc is color calibrated and what I'm getting out of my phone is not bad at all - the stock editor for "advanced editing - "enhance" - does a nice subtle not over the top job - you know - kind of basic stuff ... ) ...

    I have found the stock gallery will not actually kill on my phone after opening it - it just seems to run and run until the next re-boot - you might think about using a 3rd party one or remembering to kill it in the Apps menu after each use because it will drain the battery faster (and it may not work this way on your phone - but it does on mine ) ...

    If I understand correctly - the Bionic is not a world phone but it does work in a few other countries where CDMA exists ? (I have not tested this personally)

    As for the other - don't know

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    The MIUI hack actually works really well. I opted for keeping the stock camera app so I have both. Thrilled with the results so far.


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