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Thread: Camera resolution question

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    Camera resolution question

    Is there a way to change the camer resolution? I only have options for 8meg or 6meg pictures. Thanks
    Oh, this is for the bionic not the pro. Radio shack has 100 off verizon phones
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    No, not unless you use some other camera app but as far as I know, those are the only two resolutions available.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jettglx View Post
    Is there a way to change the camer resolution?
    Gawd, I wish *facepalm* - It may be an "8MP" cam - but it looks like it's putting out 46dpi images *sob* ...

    Okay- seriously - there are a couple of things you can do ... Take the pic - then go to your (gallery) and resize it / to "Medium" (3MP) - Small (2MP) - or *very small* (1MP) ... or crop it - or crop it then resize it ... should you decide to do any of those things - your pic will turn out better if you go down in increments (if you start at 8MP pic and you want to take it down to very small - go to Medium then to Small, etc ad nauseam) ... you could also "mms" it to yourself - then it resizes itself automatically (I forget what size) - and then it comes out looking *really* good (that's a lot of sarcasm in that last statement, btw) ...

    Of course - i may have missed something ...
    My uncle had a rabbit's foot for 25years ... The other foot was normal ...
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    Lower Camera Res on Bionic

    Does anyone have any suggestions on a camera app for the bionic. I have no need for 6 or 8mp pics either especially since i believe this is the culprit for the 3+ second delay it takes from the time I want to take a picture, and the time it takes for it to focus and finally snap the pic.

    My Droid 2 had the same issue when set to the higher resolutions. I found that the lower i set the res the quicker my snap time.

    I found a few apps that talk about multiple pics a sec dont need that either. Trying to find the fastest way to take a pic with my bionic.
    Any ideas ?
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    Vignette supports multiple resolutions.


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