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Thread: SDCard Folder Issues

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    SDCard Folder Issues

    It seems like the bionic uses the folder sdcard-ext under the mnt partition. However, I put my sdcard from my old OG into the bionic so I could have the pictures and all. However, all of this sdcards files are under just the sdcard directory. This causes issues when trying to restore backups since they only look in default sdcard directory.

    Any help?

    FYI, I already tried deleting the sdcard-ext since it's empty and it says I don't have permissions.
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    The Bionic has partitioned internal memory, your regular system memory like we know for all of our previous Android phones, and the second one which is the /sdcard directory. This is no longer your removable sd card, this is internal only. Your sd card is now the /sdcard-ext path.
    Any apps that default to sdcard and cannot be changed you must copy or move your files to accommodate.
    Astro does have the option to change backup directory in the settings

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