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Thread: Bionic after 5days

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    Quote Originally Posted by jstwondrng View Post
    I have only a handful of apps on my phone (about 10) and the first day of owning the phone I began receiving "out of space" errors when they resided on the internal memory. Since we have roughly 19.5 gb (3.5 internal + 16 sd card), we should have the freedom of storing movable apps anywhere we wish without the fear of them disappearing. If we weren't meant to have that functionality, it wouldn't be available... My only gripe
    The out of memory is a bug I think. I have gotten it a few times when the app installs incorrectly. If you download it again, the problem usually resolves itself. I'm almost thinking the error code it is getting is either wrong or not recognized and we are seeing the wrong message. Unless you have installed
    Five hundred apps, I am pretty sure you are not out of storage space.

    I have not experienced the disappearing app issue yet.

    My 4g speeds aren't that fast. Most area I'm seeing around 4 to 7. I've seen up to
    22 in other areas though.
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    For now, I'm going to put all of my apps on the internal memory. Hope these minor bugs get resolved soon.


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    If you don't put apps in the Internal Media Memory you will be fine - your internal phone memory has enough space to hold hundreds of apps.

    They needs to switch the phone settings so the apps go to the SD-ext card and then the problem will be solved.
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    I don't even know if this is an issue or not or the phone just needed a rebooting... but I was picking up nephew which is in no 4g area, and 3g was like 2 bars.. and was picking up a weak wifi signal from his school. I couldnt even browse the net, gtalk was giving me "No data connection" Although I could get calls and and texts.. I checked, using quick apps, and it said Data: OFF .. wouldnt let me turn it on. Gonna test when hes done playing games on it to make sure I can still browse if I get stuck in a 3g area again.. kept getting "Page cannot be loaded" etc .. I brushed it off as just being one of those dead zones...other than this one time I have had no probs and love the phone. I did take the case off to make sure we weren't going to have a 'Bionic-Gate' situation but nothing changed when I did that..
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    I own many bose products. I always buy direct from bose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paigow View Post
    Day time video pics looks good but at night/low light it looks terrible very grainy worse then a normal 480p flip camera.

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    Cellphone cameras are a tradeoff due to the limited space you have to put a sensor. Something capturing 0.3MP (480p) is going to do a better job in low light than something capturing 2.0MP (1080p). To get an HD sensor to perform better in low light, you need to make it physically larger. This way, it has more surface area to capture light. This would make the device larger and the camera more fragile. So the tradeoff route is taken, and you get a camera that is "good enough" in most situations, and in some cases even "really good" if conditions are ideal.

    High megapixel numbers sure make for good marketing, though; since most consumers would expect an 8.0MP phone cam to be equivalent to an 8.0MP point and shoot. (After all, "they're both 8MP")
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