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Well im sure ill be buying a bigger batt,since this will be my first 4g-touchscreen phone,ill be on it often with unlimited data.
I wouldn't get too excited about that unlimited data unless you've already locked it in with a recent contract. The rumors about tiered data on Verizon have been around for awhile, and to date it hasn't surfaced, but a lot of folks in the know seem to agree the release of the Bionic and the new iPhone around the same time period might be what Verizon is aiming for in order to start it.

Then again, they may not. It would be nice if they didn't, but it doesn't seem too likely that it will last much longer. That's especially the case as LTE is deployed to more and more areas.
Yes,it would be nice-but i really do think its not going to end until after the bionic.Ive got friends at the church prayin.Lol!!