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Thread: I am getting 2 of these phones for $125 - good deal?

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    I am getting 2 of these phones for $125 - good deal?

    Hey guys,

    I am going to be purchasing 2 of these phones this week, and there will be chargers and one car dock. I whittled him down to $125. He simply upgraded.

    Is that a good deal?

    I think that I am going to pull my wife and I off of Verizon and onto Page Plus. Any warnings?

    Also, if I get these phones and they've been reset as "factory new," is there anything that I need to do? I have never tried to remove "bloatware" or anything else, but is there anything related to hacking or programming that I need to do?

    How is the battery life? I may need to get new batteries from eBay.

    Thanks for any thoughts!

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    Re: I am getting 2 of these phones for $125 - good deal?

    The droid 3 strayed away from the brute ruggedness of the og droid and the droid 2 but they are still very tough phones with that being said their value has dropped faster than the d1 and d2.
    2 of them at that price is a great deal especially if they are In Good condition.
    Unless you personally know the person trying to sell them I would ask to meet at verizon so that you can confirm that they both have a clean esn

    sent from my vzw galaxy note 2
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    I don't think page plus checks verizons list of bad esns
    but you can verify on line Check Your Device

    2 for $125, is a great deal
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