Hi Bros,

My droid3 has been acting up for a week now and I should have done something about it but didn't get a chance. What happened was whenever you would slide out the physical keyboard the display would go off. Sometimes the phone would still work but no display. Sometimes I would restart the phone by taking out the batter an the display would be a white screen with multi colore noise. I could get the phone back on by moving the keyboard in and out a couple times. I've been able to use it until today, and I didn't back up my stuff.

Now today I've been trying to get it started but all I get is the white screen. I just need a couple minutes to get a couple more things off of it. I've been trying all day and was wondering if anyone had any ideas. I need to go to the store and hope it is covered still. I have taken good care of this phone since I got it. Still i can able to turn the screen on evertime when i booth it with an open slider keypad. and some lucky times it does nothing if after words i close the slider but most of the time after starting if i close the slider screen goes black and phone is still runing in the back

If any one can help me with my droid3