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Thread: D3 problem phone replaced with refurb D3 (yay)

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    Cool D3 problem phone replaced with refurb D3 (yay)

    I was so excited to get the new D3 i had pre ordered it and had it before the stores did (and for a few weeks got to relish their jealosy as I brought in my new phone the workers hadnt seen yet) but the problem with doing this is much like getting a first run car, I have dealt with soo many quirky issues that from these forums seem common, but i seem to have all of them.

    It was sluggish, frequent shut downs, major camera issues, major crashes, gallery wouldnt open, major freezes/reboots again!, slow dialing, sluggish sluggish, sticky non responsive, etc. all the other issues I had I worked around but the camera and the shut downs nothing repaired.

    Verizon has offered to replace (per my insurance/warranty) my D3 with a refurb D3, so I said okay, thinking maybe this will fix all the issues since it really does seem that some d3s are born with problems and some arent.

    So I have made sure everything is copied to my card, I still hate having to recustomize my phone (iPhone / cloud based services would fix this!)..... is there anything I should do to swap phones (never have before); and anyone hear anything bad about d3s being replaced by refurb d3s? Im no where near my upgrade so I have very little choice although I would pay $200 to get a new phone, I wont, on ethics pay fulll price of $500, besides Ive gone from motorola razor to d1 to d2 to d3 I dont think I would know what to do with an iphone. Im actually willing to give up the keyboard which i never thought i could do, hence why i stayed with the droid line.

    I just need my d3 to stay on, take pictures and place a call in under a minute!!!!!! AGain, just need to know if there is something mroe I shoudl do to my old phone before I swap, and does anyone see any red flags doing this?
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    Your post sounds EXACTLY like me!!! I just got a Refurb D3 phone too, (crossing my fingers its better than the last) and I can advise on a few things you should do. First before you shut off your old phone get the App "SMS Backup+" backup all your Texts and Call log. It might take a while, mine took over an hour, cool thin is it purged duplicates when it went to the new phone, bummer is it makes all the texts you received from the date that you loaded them on to this phone, but they do seem to be chronological. This is a huge help and this particular app works much better than another one that is similarly named. It logs into your Gmail account stores some kind of link there and when you activate your new phone it somehow knows you are you.

    To be safe I hooked it up to a PC and moved all of my music, photos, data, documents, downloads and everything from the phone memory to the external card memory. This includes the .XML file that the SMS Backup+ created.

    Then make sure you log into Google Play and go to "My Android Apps" tab and name your 2 different phones, Old and new, otherwise it will be confusing, since at work they are swapped, vs. home vs, on my actual phone. I had to actually browse using the phone to Google Play to download the apps I wanted, but its still not seamless as I imagine an Iphone would be.

    Call the Verizon help line 1-866 406 5154 and key in your account code and I always got an operator really quickly with option 1.

    Even if you have activated your new phone, call Verizon and they can help you re-activate your old phone to do this backup, then switch your new phone back on. I even opened up each of the 5 (used to be 7) main pages and took a photo of them (with a separate camera) so I could put the icons back where they were. Also I opened up my email accounts, (I had 4 going to the same phone) and took photos of all the account setup screens and the advanced and outgoing and incoming screens so I could set them up with out calling someone. Crazy thing is if you have a Cox account going to one of them you don't put Cox.net after your email address in one of the fields, (cant remember which one it is) but that hung me up for a few days till I stumbled upon a Verizon person that had experienced this EXACT same problem herself.

    Hope that helps.
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