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Thread: Mobile Hotspot

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    Mobile Hotspot

    I was under the impression that Verizon blocks the use of Mobile Hotpot unless you pay for the service (i.e., the browser of the tethered computer will only open the Verizon page asking to add the servie.)

    This is what happened when I first got the phone 6 mths ago when I was tinkering, but I just tried it again for ha-ha's, and it allows me to browse without restriction (I have since rooted and installed Liberty ROM).

    Has Verizon dropped this restriction? I didn't think rooting made a difference since it was a radio thing that could only be bypassed with the radio hack?
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    Its built into the rom. Something about the base its built on

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    I use the app "FoxFi" with my Droid 3 to make what I believe is a "mobile hotspot." To get this to work on the Droid 3, that is bypass the need to have a 'hotspot account', follow these steps:
    1. Start FoxFi
    2. Put Droid 3 into Airplane Mode
    3. Bring Droid 3 out of Airplane Mode
    Seems to work fine for me. My coworkers have at least seen my 'hotspot', but I have not given out my password so I do not know if anyone else can connect while I am connected.

    Good Luck,
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    It is built into the Droid 3's radios. However some of the recent ROM's have a workaround built in. That's an interesting Trick mentioned with Fox-Fi, hadn't heard of that one. I myself went to xda's site and did the radio hack I found outlined there. What it does is reclassify signals in your phone so that your 3g wifi hotspot looks like simple data traffic, keeps that verizon screen from popping, and once you do the hack, you can use the app that's already on your phone for mobile hotspot.
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    I use Foxfi also and one of my buddies got on the web while I was on it also.


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