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Thread: Amazon wireless

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    Amazon wireless

    Ok so here's my question and I know there has been a thread about this and I'm sure I posted on it, however here it is, my wife got her d3 from Amazon wireless, and is having all kinds of issues with it, and I told her to take the damn thing to vzw, but she says since she got it threw Amazon wireless there was only a 30 day warrenty on it, however I'm of the mind that its still under the year warrenty that comes from the manufacturer and the vzw will replace it,, does anyone have a clear answer for this?

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    Yup...it makes absolutely no difference where you got the phone. Verizon will take care of your issues

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    You must RETURN it to amazon if you decide you no longer want it within amazons time frame. You can take it to verizon if you need WARRANTY work on it.

    If it needs warranty work you can take it to Verizon just like any other phone via their store

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    I bought a phone at Best Buy a couple years ago that couldn't activate because it had an erroneous MEID. Verizon would not touch it. I was told that Verizon would not accept a phone for return or exchange if the phone was purchased "through a 3rd party" (i.e., Best Buy).

    I ended up buying a new phone from Verizon and returning the old phone at Best Buy (they couldn't exchange my phone because the entire batch they received from Verizon had the erroneous MEID and had to be returned). I got it as a gift at full retail, which means that I/the giftor broke even. I imagine there would have been a problem if the phone was purchased at the 2-year contract price.

    If you want to return it, you will have to return it to Amazon.

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