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Thread: Can I activate my phone using one google act but have the market acct a diff one?

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    Can I activate my phone using one google act but have the market acct a diff one?

    My phone is acting up, I'm going to do a master rest but I want to activate the phone using my now main google acct which is different than the one I use now on the phone. I see in market I can switch accounts. so b/c of my apps I'd keep my old google account for that area. That's what I want to do, anyone know if it will work? Also, I forgot how to I save my current apps? I don't want them to flood back since a few I don't need I'd rather reinstall some... or can I make an app list so I know the apps I had?
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    As long as you add both accounts I don't see why you couldn't select which one you wanted when you open the market the first time.

    I don't know the answer, but if you try and it doesn't work, you could always do a Factory Data Reset right there and try again (being you don't have any data saved yet of course).

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    You can, once the market is open press the menu button and from the pop up menu click on accounts then select the account you want to run your market on. However the account has to have been added through the normal means of adding a second Google account.... also be careful when you buy apps because if the account you are want to use the market for is not the "primary" one added to the phone then sometimes the market will default to the "primary" Google account on the phone.


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