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Thread: Nigtmares Since Thursday's (9/29) Update

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    Nigtmares Since Thursday's (9/29) Update

    Anyone else having nightmarish problems since the update on Thursday (9/29)? I've had a litany of problems after a nearly rock solid performer of a phone. The update cleared up one very minor GPS issue (the original OS wouldn't "see" sats in apps though the apps worked properly, but did see them after the update) and created a totally unstable OS.

    Aside from continuous and random force closes of apps and system programs like homescreen and deeper system files; random reboots and an inability to uninstall apps; the ability to send text messages but not save them and other bizarre actions (I keep waiting for my phone to turn into Transformer), it did one other strange thing about an hour after the update. At work, I normally keep my phone plugged into my laptop for file/photo transfers and charging. After installing the update (disconnected form my laptop at the time) and then installing the Starbucks utility app for monitoring your cards and paying with the phone, I reconnected the phone/computer. An hour or so later my laptop screen flashed and went blue screen. I disconnected the two and restarted my computer... all is fine there. My phone rebooted and then my tale of woe began. Whatever the update contains, I hope Verizon thoroughly retests it. It looks to me like a very poorly written update or perhaps one that should have been broken down into separate loads. My computer has not blue screened since I got it in November of 2008 and I've never seen or heard of a phone OS doing that to a computer before this.

    Just some thoughts to chew on folks.
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    Sounds like a bad flash, factory reset and if that doesn't fix it, id do the sbf as its the update anyway.

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    Had to replace the phone. Nothing tried would reset the OS. Under warranty.

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