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Thread: So many bugs! Can it be a virus?

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    Unhappy So many bugs! Can it be a virus?

    Hey, I just got a Droid 3 and it's my first Android device, and I haven't yet had the time to geek out and learn everything about it yet. Please tell me if the following is normal, or if there is something seriously wrong with my phone:

    -Sometimes wifi fails to detect any networks even when I'm in the presence of 1 or more strong wifi signals. WiFi functionality is definitely turned ON on the phone
    -Occasionally hangs and has a delayed response to my screen presses
    -Battery drains very quickly. Won't last a full day of moderate use
    -Flashes the words "Wallpaper Updated" every time my screen re-orients from portrait to landscape mode
    -Sometimes fails to switch between portrait/landscape mode when rotated
    -GPS cuts out intermittently, becoming unavailable- even in open areas with good cell reception and clear skies
    -When plugged into official in-car charger, AM radio reception is distorted

    All but the last item can be miraculously (but temporarily) cured by completely powering the phone off and back on.

    WTF? Is there some kind of Android patch or update I need to apply? Do I need to get rooted? Trade in my Droid 3 for a new one? What is the solution to this unacceptable collection of problems?

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    That sounds funky but definitely could be the phone you have..
    When i first signed into Google on my phone, i know the Wifi would connect and then randomly turn off a couple of times but thats only at sign in.
    Ive never had any of the other problems you have had though..

    Theres no Root for it yet.. I think it's the phone however.
    Can anyone else chime in ?
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    I get the "wallpaper updated" when I use Go Launcher. Doesnt happen if I use any other or stock.
    I had major issues with with the original battery, was just as bad as the one in my TB. I now have the extended battery and havent had any problems at all.
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    I don't recall Blur having an option for rotating the desktop. Go has the option but defaults to off.

    As far as the rest of the issues, they don't really sound like a virus, though I suppose it is possible. WIFI could be the result of so many other things. You might try taking it back to the store for a factory reset to see if some of the things go away. Then try making changes slowly and see if you can confirm that you didn't change a setting that is creating some of these problems.

    If you immediately have the same set of issues, ask for a replacement.
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    What apps do you have installed? What kind of car do you drive?
    Do you like uninstallable bloatware?
    It takes about 5 minutes to complain and it's kinda fun. Let's not be complacent!
    Contact Verizon (anonymous w/ fake name if you like)
    Chat/Email/Call Motorola (anonymous if you like)
    Vote for Google issue requires Google login. Just "star" it to vote.


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