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Thread: Nothing matters but this!

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    Nothing matters but this!


    Really hoping that this will have an unlocked bootloader or atleast the unlockable one that I believe the ZOOM has.
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    Well the word (rumor) on the street is that motorola is planning to unlock the bootloaders. Existing devices (droidX droid2 etc.) Will be unlocked with the new update (rumor) and new devices in the future with be released with unlocked bootloaders (rumor)

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    I sure hope this is true. Being able to modify my phone is a big deal to me. Besides, android is all open source. Why give me an os that promotes modification and a phone that wont allow it.

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    Because Verizon and Moto want you to have to use them for those things.

    We get a ton of free apps that are great from great devs who do this stuff for fun (and a couple of bucks). Verizon doesn't do anything for fun and they'd charge you to check your emails if they could.

    Wireless tether is a great example. It must have burned their balls to offer a service to tether wirelessly for a RIDICULOUS fee and see us root and get it from an app that was far better than what they offered FOR FREE.

    I might be totally off here, but it seems to me that the reason this whole locked bootloader thing came up was for financial reasons and not to improve the user experience of their equipment. I'm not holding out hope for an unlocked bootloader. If there is a single dollar to be made by locking it up, they'll do it.
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