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Thread: iPhone user trying to fix a droid phone, help please.

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    Talking iPhone user trying to fix a droid phone, help please.

    I am an iPhone user (don't hold that against me please) and my woman just got a droid 2 recently. Her battery life is horrible and we have tried 3 different batts total now (2 from VZW and one from Amazon). She is not the most tech savvy person and I never paid much attention to the android world. I have installed a task killer on her phone and have it set to kill tasks every time the phone goes to sleep. I also have her batt setting set to the max batt life option.

    I was wondering what is the best way to store her info so I could to a full reset on her phone?
    What is the best program for her Macbook to talk to the phone?
    Are there any other options I should try?
    Any more apps that she could try (she is very cheap and hates buying apps)?

    Like I said I am an iPhone user and for me I plug it in and hit restore and it saves my contact info and personal data/settings while restoring the phone for better performance.

    This droid interface is somewhat confusing to me.

    Thanks for your time.
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    Uninstall the task killer, that is most likely making her battery life worse.
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    Ok first off that task killer is bad news especially having it set to auto kill


    Other than that you can try an app like juice deffender which has a free version in the marketplace to save battery.

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    Uninstall the Task Killer, it tends to don more harm than good. Android 2.x handles task managing on its on. Also, try seeing if she has anything running in the background. Like for example Facebook and Twitter automatically update in very short intervals by default. So if she has any apps that constantly updates, I suggest changing the update intervals to an hour or so.

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    I use the Power Control widget. Long press the screen, choose widgets, scroll down to Power Control and select.

    The largest user of the battery is the screen. I turn the intensity as low as it will go with the widget and that is good enough for indoors (rightmost button on widget) I never have Wifi on unless I need to use it as well as Bluetooth and the satellite or gps radio all controlled with the power control widget in one convenient place on the phone.

    Try it, I am sure you will see a great improvement.
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    Read through this thread. It will help you get the most from the battery.

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    Get rid of the task killer. Also, if there is wifi at your house use that instead of 3g. Using wifi will use around 35-40% less power than 3g. Also, the latest update for the Droid 2 really improved my battery life a lot. Before the update, I was struggling to get a whole days charge and had to charge it mid day. after the update, I can go a full day without charging it, by midnight it will have 30 percent charge left. To check if you have the latest update go to settings. Scroll all the way to the bottom to where it says About Phone. Click that and at the top will be System Update. Click it and if there's an update, download it and install it. The whole process took me 5-10 minutes. Your System Version should be 2.3.20

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    As everybody has said, remove the task killer. If you insist on keeping it, disable the "auto kill" setting all together.
    WiFi WILL consume less battery than 3G but, turn it off if you're not using it. These devices are programmed to scan every 60 seconds for an access point if WiFi is powered on but not connected. Also, if you're not using the navigation or location services, turn those off as well.
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