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Thread: Droid 2 WiFi "Server is not Reachable"

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    Droid 2 WiFi "Server is not Reachable"

    I am trying to share files from my computer (Windows 7 x64) to my Droid 2. For my music, docx, and other media files. When I connect to my WiFi and add my IP. I then try to connect, and it gives me an error saying "Server is not Reachable". I have turned off all passwords, and high bit encryption and still no luck.

    Is there anyway for me to fix this?

    Thank you,
  3. Droid
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    Droid X
    I have the same problem with the X.

    Any help would be great.


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    There is really no answer for this. I have several servers running on my network and some I can connect to and some say "server is not reachable." Of course the server IS reachable because I can get to it from any other machine on the network. I have enabled auditing on the server and the event logs show nothing in the way of failed logon attempts etc. so apparently the DX isn't even TRYING to get to the server. Just another bug that somehow slipped past QA... joke.
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    I have had to do it the other way around. Go from the droid to the computer through the network. Estrongs works well for scanning the accessible files and folders on a windows network...just use the normal share options..
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    You might check out dropbox, or ftp file transfer.

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    for some reason droid media share doesn't prompt you if a username/password is required, it just returns "server not reachable".

    i have win7 x64 and have a share open to everyone, yet my droid x has issues though media share.

    gunz is correct, Estrongs File Explorer was the answer for me.

    after scanning with ES and attempting to connect to a share, it prompted me for credentials. nice app.


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