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Thread: Performance not much diff???

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    Performance not much diff???

    SO I had to move a prepaid line over to my post paid account and got a Droid2 (D2).
    I have a Droidx (DX) on my personal line but thought why not play with the newest toy...

    I kinda wish I hadn't...
    I have been trying to install my app's from the market and well it reminds me why I switched from my Droid (D1) to a Incredible (poor battery life, but everything else was GREAT) swopped it out to a DX...
    This D2 is so, so, so, so, slow, it is so noticeably slower than the DX.
    It is like I am on my D1 before OC...
    Has anyone else noticed this and is there something I am missing???

    DO I need to do or set anything?
    I mean its a D2 with 2.2, yet it feels like my olde D1 with 2.1.

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    The performance between the DX and the D2 should be pretty similar, as they are running pretty much the same hardware. So coming from a DX to a D2 was probably not necessary. In my personal testing, my (borrowed) DX performs just slightly lower than the D2 in the house. As far as the feel of the UI goes, I can't tell a difference. They both lag on startup, and become silky smooth as you use them.

    The D2 gets ~150 more in quadrant, but I'm chalking that up to froyo. I'll install the froyo update on my own DX when it shows up monday. Going to speculate that it'll get about the same score on froyo as the D2. Neither of them are particularly optimized at this point... Hell, my D1 at 1ghz gets noticeably higher benchmarks and feels a bit better in the UI than either of them, but it's customized and streamlined to within an inch of it's life.

    I'll try to post side by side pics next week (when the D2 comes back from Tennessee, my mother too I guess) showing the numbers. I'll clean them both up as much as I can to compare with as well. Benchmarks don't mean much, but at least they're an indicator.


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