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Thread: Have tried several Task Killers but....

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    Have tried several Task Killers but....

    Have tried a few Task Killers but I can't seem to stop the selected apps from restarting. I thought Advanced Task Killer Pro had a "freeze" mode, but after downloading and installing it did not have that option. I checked a few and I dont have Auto Update turned on but I do know that I do get notifications on quite a few apps have updates available and I manually install them. So this must mean the app occasionally checks. Is there any way to shut this off? One app I have, Solo Lite, I notice starts up shortly after I kill it, and it takes almost 6 MB of memory.

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    Re: Have tried several Task Killers but....

    Don't use task killers. Let android handle the memory management. All you're doing by repetitively killing the tasks is wasting battery. Every time you kill the task and it restarts in the background, you are wasting more battery than if the task had just remained running. Plus as far as memory usage goes, 6 mb is incredibly minimal.

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    Have you tried Titanium Backup Pro? It has an option to freeze apps. Works well. Highly recommended on this site and others.
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    rom toolbox pro has a auto start killer
    i have not used it though
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