I couldn't find if this had already been adressed, point me in the right direction if it has.

I just AVH-2400BT installed in my car. The bluetooth media connection to my Droid 2 worked like a charm. Access to songs was fine, no dropouts or anything. But I could not make outgoing calls or take incoming calls. The bluetooth phone connection would flake out, connect and disconnect over and over. When it stayed connected long enough to load my contact list to the Pioneer, nothing happened when pushing the call button. I had someone call me and I could not accept the call via the car deck even though it was ringing through the system.

On the off chance the bluetooth media connection was a problem, I turned that off in the Pioneer. Now I can't get any bluetooth connection to hold for more than a few seconds. I've tried deleting and re-pairing the devices with no luck. I'm totally new to this kind of phone-car connection, any help would be appreciated. More maybe relevant info: the Pioneer does not need to use a PIN code, it's all automatic. I have Verizon Droid 2 with whatever update they pushed aout a few weeks ago.