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Thread: Droid 2 and Overclocking settings

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    Droid 2 and Overclocking settings

    I have the Droid 2, and I am rooted, and also have the app Droid2 Overclock. I am trying to achieve the best settings that will give me a faster response to my phone, less heat, and better battery life. I have played with all the settings and have achieved quickness, but my phone will heat up to 107 to 113 at 1300 and my battery life is not that great. One more thing, I am running on Gingerbread. I apologize if this not the right area to ask this question, but I need some help with this. Thank you so much.

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    Not sure about the right place to put your question, but I found it.

    I rooted my D2 a couple of weeks ago. Added Titanium Backup Pro and "froze" a lot of apps. That seems to have made some difference in mine. Then I downloaded Droid Overclock and have it set for a while now on one of the presets. Mine is set at ULV 1 Ghz, 800, 500 and 350. Governor is set to ondemand. So far I am pleased with the way my cell acts, maybe try 1.1 preset later. At my present settings, I have not seen the temp go over 90 degrees. I am looking for a little better performance but longer battery life is #1 for me.

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    I run @ 1150mhz, and use V6 Supercharger to smooth things out. It's perfect.
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    Best overclock settings

    Hi guys. Complete noob so forgive any transgressions. I am using Milestone Overclocker (UK name of the Droid) on my phone (Droid 2/ Milestone 2), and have tried just about all combo's of freq and vsel.

    I have got perfectly stable results with 1200Mhz and vsel of 70. Battery and phone temps run at 29C so no problems there, and she's steady as a rock. No reboot required in weeks. No freezing or jumping.

    Anything higher than 1200 and 'crash'. have fiddled around with the voltage at this freq, and 70 seems the best.

    Hope this helps

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    I run stable at 1.3 ghz 80 vsel but every phone different


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