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Thread: No thumbnail pic for contact shortcut

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    No thumbnail pic for contact shortcut

    How do I get a thumbnail pic when I create a contact shortcut on my homepage. The contact has a pic in my "contacts" which pulls the profile pic they have off Facebook. I also tried changing the contact pic to a photo that is on my flash-mem, but that didnt even change it in "contacts" nevermind on the shortcut.

    I know it works, because I got the idea from a "new driod tutorial" i read here....he had a screen grab of his homescreen that showed a contact shortcut complete with pic of contact.
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    Contact Shortcut with FB Pic ONLY??

    I'm with you! I'm so glad someone else is frustrated with this problem. Did you ever find a solution? I can not disconnect my FB Pics from my contacts even when I have manually selected a pic from the gallery.

    Also, when I make a shortcut on my homepage for a contact, it looks completely different from the factory default shortcut. Instead of having a gray border and the word nicely printed "mobile" below, it cuts the edge of the pic like a raw photograph and then has a black box with white text below.

    Thanks for the help!
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    I have the same problem, contact photos refuse to update.

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    To the OP, so the contact shortcut isnt even pulling a facebook pic? Odd, you might try mentioning this at the Official Moto forums if your running stock. As for pictures in contacts, forget about it. Motoblur over rides everything. I tried to edit my girlfriends contact profile to place a * before her name because this make it show up at the to of the contacts list. Blur over rides it every time. Either dont sync with facebook or unlink the profiles. Those are the only 2 options.
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