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Thread: Favorite Apps, Apps you use, Apps you recommend?

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    Here are some more of my fave/most frequently used apps for DROID 2:

    Facebook-the DROID app is good but not great, in my opinion. I have the app installed, but only use it for sharing photos, etc, and otherwise use the touch or mobile site on my DROID generally.

    Foursquare-check in at places, share activities with your peeps, find out about activities that are happening around you


    Angry Birds-one of the more popular and fun free games in a series of mindless time-wasting/ guilty pleasure games available for DROID

    Air Control Lite-route as many planes, jets and helicopters as possible to the right runway or landing pad without any collisions. My record so far is 124. Bust that! Haha!

    Paper Toss-exactly what it says-toss virtual paper balls into a trash can for points. They make it interesting/challenging by having a fan blowing at varying rates of speed so you have to adjust the direction you toss the paper to try and make it in the can.

    Tank Hero-You control a tank with a little virtual joystick then tap on the target tanks to fire at them. You have to clear each level without getting hit more than twice. Kind of reminds me of that old atari game with tanks, only on the droid with much better graphics.

    Labyrinth Lite-using the gyroscopic sensors in the DROID, you tilt the device to roll a marble through a challenging maze filled with traps. Fun!

    Solitaire-the classic single-player card game on your DROID

    Jewels-line up three or more of the same type of jewels to score points. More mindless game fun!

    Classic Tetris-Tetris, one of the earliest computer and arcade games, now for your DROID. Set up and gameplay generally very good, although it is sometimes a little tough to change the position of the piece and route it to the column you want using the touchscreen.

    Glow Hockey-air hockey for the DROID. It's okay. Not my favorite sports game app though.

    Chess for Android-one of the better free chess game apps for DROID.

    Basketball Shot-very similar to paper toss, except it is with basketballs, and is timed. Pinball-decent pinball game for DROID

    TouchPool 2D Lite-good pool game app. The free version doesn't allow you to do much, though, so you have to pony up the cash for the paid app to get the full game.

    Practical Tools & Gadgets

    Advanced Task Killer-monitor and shutdown unnecessary apps that may be running in the background, draining your memory and slowing down your DROID.

    Airplane Mode Timer-quickly switch to airplane mode and set a timer for when to switch back. Great for travelers, or when looking to conserve battery life for a little while-just remember you will not be able to receive or send any calls or messages or access the internet while in airplane mode.

    Droid light-one of the better flashlight apps for DROID-just tap it and it turns on the flash as a light.

    Bubble Level-great for checking to see if a table or picture or doorframe is level.

    CarDock-great for when you're traveling in the car. It gives you six oversized buttons with which you can access the most commonly used features while driving-calls, location, music, add app, voice search and close. Just remember-safety always comes first while driving, never drive distracted.

    Barcode scanner-scan almost anything with a UPC barcode to get product info and, in some cases, order or add to a wishlist.

    Maps & Navigation

    Google Maps-great for maps and directions from wherever you are located-just remember, big brother (i.e. Google) is watching and recording all your data, unless you opt out.

    Google Earth-get a bird's eye view of almost anyplace on earth. It is a bit of a memory hog though...

    Navigator-excellent app for detailed point-to-point voice navigation. Linked to Google maps. You can also get directions to a place by using the voice search option to find a place, then clicking on the "get directions" link.

    Music Tools

    GStrings Guitar tuner-as a guitarist, I love this app, that allows me to easily tune my guitar with a good degree of accuracy Mobile

    Metronome-metronome with various sounds and time signatures available. Free app is ad supported.

    These are JUST THE BEGINNING... I know there are a lot more great apps out there. What are your fave apps and why? What type of DROID device do you have? I have a DROID 2 and love it!

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    I created a list of my favorite apps for moms. I am a mom of 4, so I have firsthand knowledge of how helpful these apps are. Take a look at my list!

    Best apps for moms
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    I would imagine that since the Xbox360 has IR there is diminished need for any other remote control mechanism. Xbox 360 does not have bluetooth support and the controllers use a proprietary protocol to communicate to the xbox 360 console which the phone cannot emulate (to my knowledge). Lastly, I do not believe there is any API for controlling the console over wifi. So there really is no way for a phone app to send any commands to the console.

    I have a programmable remote which I use for the 360. It is a pretty advanced unit (and I have used other advanced remotes too), but will admit that the IR on the 360 is a bit sketchy and more often that not I resort to using the actual controller. And let me tell you, we use the xbox for playing media for my kids ALL DAY. I have a media server in my home with literally hundreds of hours of children's programming. We use this instead of the stacks of DVDs next to the TV found in most homes.
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    the best app (no comparison)

    you can not get this one off the android market
    Home Movie Day
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    Friendcaster, a replacement app for Facebook. Jota text editor, a notepad. SD Card Rescan helps if new photos don't show in the gallery. Ringdroid, which let's you edit MP3 files to make ringtones.

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