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Thread: Vortex won't hang up

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    LG Vortex

    Vortex won't hang up

    This is my 2nd LG Vortex within a month. During a call I can't hang up. The keyboard is the, and the icons change as I tap the keys, but I have to turn off the phone to end about half of the calls .. . half the time it works fine. Verizon has replaced it, and now it's starting all over again with this new phone. Any ideas?

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    Im sorry but I believe you are in the wrong forum.
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    My dad has the LG Vortex and he thinks its a great phone. You typed "The keyboard is the, and the icons change" What did you mean by this? There's a word missing.

    If you're tapping the red end call button, and it's not hanging up, show it to a verizon employee.
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    Well Verizon is sending me a third Vortex as the first two had the same problem. Sorry about the first post it was done from my phone and speech to text needs a spell checker badly . . lol.

    During a call about half the time it won't allow me to hang up. I hit the icon and it changes appearance as though it accepted the command, but it doesn't hang up the call. I have to power the phone down to end the call. It seems to happen most often during voice-mail retrieval, but also during normal incoming or outgoing phone calls. . . I can find no pattern. It will also not allow me to enter passwords and such when I try to log into my bank, or other accounts over the phone. Once again it looks, and even sounds like it accepts the command, but nothing registers from the other end.

    I have wiped (factory reset) each of the first two phones completely and didn't install any other apps, and left it completely native, and it still has the same issue.

    I sure hope the third time is the charm.
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    guys you need to take this to a forum for the LG Vortex this is for Droid 2 we are Mortorola =)


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