I was wondering if anyone had some advice or direction on what I think is a somewhat unique problem.

I live near the US border in Canada and work in the US. Since I spend a significant amount of time in the US I have had Verizon service for ~5yrs. No complaints with the Verizon service when in the US. The problem lies when I'm at home in Canada.

Since I live so close to the border I get a faint Verizon signal. Once in a while, I'll lose the Verizon signal and the phone will roam (w near full signal). Then the phone will pick up the faint Verizon signal again and switch over since it prefers a weak Home signal to a strong Roam signal. The switch results in a lot of dropped calls. I have the North America plan with Verizon so I actually would prefer the roam signal.

Through my research it seems there are Roam control apps/widgets available but most only work for Sprint phones since it seems the Spring coverage is spotty everywhere.

Does anyone know of something similar to the links below available for the Droid 2?

Roam Control v1.5 DroidFanz.com - Android OS Community

Roam Override Widget [Tool] | Android Phones Tips and Tricks

Sorry for the long post and thanks for any help.