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Thread: rooted issues

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    rooted issues

    alright so my friends rooted my phone with the z4 root and i downloaded wireless tether. well today i went to use it and it said something about this kernel does not support this or something and it woouldnt let me get on the internet. anyone have any ideas whats going on?
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    Are u running the d2g? And just my 2cents for now on I would start doing things like that on my on that way I knew what was going on if something goes wrong besides letting your buddy do it
    Task Killers? Nope

    This is what rooting is right here
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    What did you try and do that caused the error message? If you used z4root you should be able to unroot just as easily as you rooted. That is unless you deleted any of the software that came to preinstalled on your phone. You could try that and see if that solves the problem.

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