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Thread: Asurion Droid 2 Global Replacements

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    Angry Asurion Droid 2 Global Replacements

    I was wondering if anyone has replaced or tried to replace their Droid 2 Globals through asurion. If so, what device did you recieve? I looked through the forum and the last post concerning this topic was at the begining of the year. I've been dealing with my droid 2 global which shuts off, goes into airplane mode, and turns the volume off and yet verizon refuses to replace the phone is is requiring me to go through asurion . I am acutally trying to hold out until they run out of Droid 2 Globals and begin replacing them with a comparable device. Sincerely, A very Droid 2 Global Owner.
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    Issues like that are warrantee justified. If the phone is less than a year old, then it is covered and Verizon just needs some pushing. Otherwise, yes. Asurion is the only way, and if they have no more D2Gs in stock, you will probably get a D3. This is likely as D2Gs had many issues that caused them to cycle alot and there are likely a ton of refurbs and no new ones. Although Assurion will give you a refurb first, always. And it will be a D2G. But if that one goes bad then you can push for a new one. And as I said, if they don't have any, you will get the next "comparable" model.

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    my wife was haveing the same issues you were talking about with shutting off and screen turnning on and off all by itself what i ended up doing was sbfing it back to complete new useing the repacked .629 method and now it is working like the day she got it a year and a half ago.


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