I finally updated to gb yesterday after worrying about loosing the unlocked capabilities since I am overseas. Was extremely happy with the improvements that came with the update.

Until today the phone started to become unresponsive to all touch functions, physical buttons still worked, but the screen was frozen so I thought. With out touching anything it started opening closing typing and jittering around. I was able to hit the home button a few times and it reacted correctly or I got voice command but not fully responsive at all. I pulled the battery and when it rebooted it would function normal for a minute then go right back to the same issue.

This is the longest running phone from Verizon that has not been replaced with a "LIKE" new phone. (hate verizon for that)

I would just go in happily and throw this one in there face but the closest Verizon is 6000 miles away.

I worked fine for over 24 hours and I have yet to re root it.

Any thoughts from the community?