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Thread: Droid 2 not connecting...

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    Question Droid 2 not connecting...

    I have a Droid 2 Global and its been one year. I ****ed up and forgot to update my waranty last week and now my phone is in bios or something where its saying...


    Battery OK
    OK to Program
    Transfer Mode:

    I dont really want to void whatever waranty I have left on my phone and want to keep it stock but how do I fix this? Ive read several threads on here but none of them give me a LINK in the replies that people have posted in those threads that instantly downloads whatever it is I need to get my Droid working again..

    If I bring it to a verizon store will they work on it or say im SOL?

    On top of that I just got my phone bill so are they still charging me for the next month or do they stop after the waranty is over?

    I dont know if this is whats called a bricked phone and if so It did it on its own. One day its good the next its not.
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    Your phone is in the bootloader screen. Try pulling the battery and see if it boots normally. If not then you may have to sbf your phone back to stock and start fresh. Normally though reseting your phone gets you out of the bootloader menu.

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    I tred everything. Nothing works, I took out the sim card, the memory card and the battery, cleaned them off even though they didnt need itand stilll the same thing.
    Can you post a link(s) to what I need to get? The other threads I have noticed have broken links or they dont download right and my pc says they are corrupt.

    I need my laptop to recognize my phone
    I need to SBF my phone back to OEM verizon standards.

    Im a teck newb so I dont know much about anything, thats why I am an artist in art school rather than tech school LOL


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