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Thread: From rooted 2.2 to rooted Gingerbread

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    From rooted 2.2 to rooted Gingerbread

    Hey guys,

    Thanks in advance to anyone who helps, it is much appreciated!

    So I am new to this site (first post!), and I have been playing around with my [once] rooted Droid 2 Global trying to get it to update to gingerbread. My phone was previously rooted with z4root, but I used z4root to unroot it. I tried to manually load the update by going to Settings-->About-->Check for Updates. It then begins to download the package, it gets to 100% (after a long ass time), and then it says Install Now or Install Later, I click Install Now, and then a message pops up saying "The Installation Failed" or something like that.

    So I was wondering if anyone else had this problem, and if you figured out what the problem was. If you could give me a step by step on how to get it to update to gingerbread.

    I'm not too smart with all the technical stuff, but I could most likely figure out what your saying with a little description if possible.

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    Follow the steps under the Droid 2 Global Hacks called official-2-4-330-d2g-sbf-tbh. That will get you back to a stock clean phone to upgrade. if you need any apps then backup first any data you need to keep.

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    If you just want to root, stop at D3 root. These instructions are from the Cyanogen Mod 7 Gingerbread leaked Kernel for Droid2 Global User's Thread on Rootzwiki. There are a few different roms you can use but this is the one I am most familiar with on the GB update.

    Read up and plan for the FUBAR moments. Double and tripple check your instructions before starting. Don't get stuck up a creek without a paddle...
    Make sure to backup before flashing a rom.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vypor
    For how-to\'s, questions and support please consider using this thread. The user community is strong and intelligible enough to support the devs so they\'re not constantly bothered in their work.


    For initial install please read the OP in the dev thread. If you have any questions about the install or post install please ask them here first before bothering the devs. There are plenty of users that will be glad to help.

    Thank You devs for all your hard work!

    x13thangelx Quick Install Instructions (Thanks, x13thangelx)

    [*]sbf to stock
    [*]update to .606/7
    [*]root via D3 root
    [*]boot into CWR via D2bootstrap
    [*]wipe data/cache
    [*]flash CM7
    [*]flash gapps

    OP to Dev_Thread can be found here where Rev\'s latest CM7 nightly is posted


    GAPPS can be found here


    If you have sticky settings issues

    I believe this is what Asphyx said in the Dev_Thread (can\'t find his post due to the crowded nature of the thread)

    A) fix permissions in clockwork rom manager

    B) reboot to Clockwork recovery and fixed permissions

    C) clear cache in recovery

    D) reboot to cm7 and fixed permissions in rom manager for good measure.

    Steps to fix Bad Radio and Data Switching (Thanks Asphyx)

    1 - Turn on Airplane mode and reboot (it may not say it sticks but on reboot it should come up in airplane mode)

    2 - Run Rom Manager and Fix permissions (It will tell you that you should reboot)

    3 - Reboot into Recovery

    4 - Wipe Cache

    5 - Go to Advanced and Fix Permissions (Prob not really needed but I do it anyway)

    6 - Reboot System (that means hitting the power button to go back one menu in Recovery then selecting Menu Item 1)

    7 - When done booting, turn off Airplane mode (should stick now)

    8 - Wait for 3G Icon to appear

    9 - Turn on and off WiFi at will they should switch data without issues.

    NOTE! DO NOT ATTEMPT to turn on WiFiAP in CM. Use Open Garden or some other Tethering app until the WiFiAP is confirmed as working in CM!

    So far the list of KNOWN Bugs left to squash is as follows. (Also, Thanks Asphyx)

    1 - Temp Sensor not working - Not looked at yet (prob missing a lib)

    2 - Sticky Settings Issues - Fix Found (Init.rc) but yet to be incorporated into Source

    3 - WiFi AP does not work - Not sure why yet maybe missing code

    4 -FM Radio does not work - Not included in the build but also unknown if unit actually supports it

    5 - Alt_Lock, Voice, keys on Hardware Keyboard do not work - Custom code needed but unavailable right now

    Those are the only bugs that I know of at this time, Rev may be aware of others.

    If your issue is related to one of those then we know about it and are working on it.

    sent from

    Droid 2 Global running CM7GB
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