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Thread: Attempting to understand NV on D2G

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    Attempting to understand NV on D2G

    Just to make sure I can differentiate and understand the storage capabilities of my D2G before I start editing the values for the radio or any thing else please verify if you could that what I post is correct. And backup questions

    Phone Storage 8gb, file systems I see from mount: vfat, ext3, tmpfs, rootfs, devpts, cgroup, pds

    What file systems are stored on the NV - and why so many different mounts on my little gadget... ?

    I will look them all up but if you can point me in the right direction on what mounts have anything to do with NV
    that could help me.

    Nvram = eeprom?? , are the values on this device stored in exact addresses corresponding to how they will be accessed.

    SdCard 8-32gb, vfat

    I studied a little about FFS used on some routers, was recently curious if my phone used that but it appears not...

    Ok now the hard question, can I read the whole entirety of the NVRAM bit by bit and place it in an image file of sorts for a backup. When in sbf boot mode can I read anything or is it write only? In that mode; it is recognized as a flash device.

    I hope I can retrieve the boot loader (image)code itself, maybe push my device in hardware diagnostic mode for a patch cable or something.

    Need more information sizes and stuff if I am putting something on here; I want to know where to start and stop. Will scrub the forums for all information I can find.

    Is there some place I might be able to find a list of drivers that have been reverse engineered, which ones haven't and which ones are open source..

    Trying to get a full concept on what loads and when. I find when traversing the structure as I have on linux before, I do not find an fstab file and init process is a little different. Just doing this for fun, I havn't used a seem editor since the razor and think I may grasp a way better understanding on mobile devices now than I had before..

    Any help is appreciated thank you
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    It's just Linux similar to Unix.
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    For what loads and when, look at the init files in the root of the device. It also uses those init's instead of an fstab. afaik, no drivers have been reverse engineered because tbh theres no point. Without having the radio driver's there isnt a reason to. I know a few people were attempting to reverse engineer them but last I heard was a no go (was for DX though). I never got into the NVRAM so cant help there.
    CM9 builds for D2G, D2, and DX


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