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Thread: Recieved a semi-bricked replacement phone from Motorola

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    Recieved a semi-bricked replacement phone from Motorola

    First off, Hello!
    Long time lurker, first time poster (as they all say)
    Here's my little story of why I do not like Motorola products.

    I had Droid 2 Global which lasted me about few months before it went, after which the digitizer broke. It was under warranty. I went to verizon and was offered to recieve a new phone shipped either 5 days for free or paid for overnight. I took the 5 day shipping...
    So my replacement phone seems to be working fine, I set it up last night before bed, went online for about 20 minutes and had no problem...
    This morning went to use my phone didn't recieve my normal wake up call... I thought "this is odd", so I restarted the phone and it worked ... I left the phone go (unplugged, fully charged) for about an hour while I was out doing something and came back to the same problem. I realized that After sitting for 30 minutes or so the phone crashes when I try to make a call, does not go into airplane mode, and will not browse the internet.

    I looked at it and did a factory reset, same thing happened.
    So finally I went into the recovery console (i believe that's what it's called when you do power+x to do a hard factory wipe) and saw these errors
    "E:Can't open /cache/recovery/command"
    "E:Can't open /cache/recovery/caller"

    So this got me thinking "I wonder if this phone was sent back due to a bad unrooting", look into the back-end a bit and what do i find? zroot still there but missing most things.
    I bet you that whoever tried to root the phone messed it up major time and sent it back... I am just surprised at the lack of quality control by Motorola... This is the 6th phone from Motorola in 3 years due to "Manufacture Defects". This just frustrates me as I shouldn't have to do my own debugging of their "Certified Like-New" phones.

    I am currently grabbing the right SBF and will be reloading the current 2.2 os from verizon(my provider), I don't want to take it back to the store, wait another 5 days to have a phone (I am an EMS provider, I *need* my droid for saving lives. Not kidding, I wrote a few of my own medical programs for my fellow medics in my area)
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    That is your best option. Sbf back to 2.4.330 then hope for the best.

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    is broken... Again
    Now I feel kinda bad going into verison after a rooting process gone wrong, playing stupid, and getting a replacement. I guess they really do reuse my mistakes. That means there's at least 3 droids out there that I totally ruined.

    Honestly, I would go into your local verizon store, and ask to speak to the manager and explain your disapoinment. I have found that when you go in, and explain what's wrong, why you're upset, and what you're looking for to make you happy, they usually work with you. Unless one of those 3 things are unrealizable, verison has always worked with me. It helps a lot to be nice!
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    Jonas, you should feel bad. In fact, you suck. Stop doing that, and don't recommend that others do the same thing. Also, read the entire thread. Always. ...and don't do things to you're phone unless you understand how to back out of it 100%.

    Also, uttering the word 'zroot' in a verizon store is not a good strategy. His best bet is to flash the SBF like you should have the last 3 times you ran into problems. Why bother driving across town and wasting an hour at the store when 20 minutes of effort at home virtually guarantees better results.


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