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Copy the file (sbf_flash) and the SBF file to your home folder (I don't think it'll be easy to explain to you how to change directories in the Terminal).

Go to Utilities → Terminal (in your Applications).

You'll see a window appear, with text that goes somewhat like
Welcome to Darwin!
[localhost ~] joseyjos%
Where joseyjos is your user name.

That's where you type the commands I listed above, like this:

Welcome to Darwin!
[localhost ~] joseyjos% chmod 755 sbf_flash
[localhost ~] joseyjos% ./sbf_flash DROID2WE_X6_2.4.29_FULL.sbf
chmod shouldn't output anything on successful completion.

sbf_flash, however, spams out a lot of debug information.
Seems easy enough when you say that. But I ran into a problem, "I dont have access to the terminal". Admin needs a password. Screw it, is there another ROM out there that will work for just normal stuff. Ive heard that Cyanogenmod works well. But I have also heard about this Gingerbread. Kinda getting lost on all that talk. I just want something that is smooth and wont have many problems for me.

My phone version is: Version.2.4.330.a956.
Model Number: Droid2 Global
Android Version: 2.2