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Thread: phone bugging when i slide the unlock button?

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    phone bugging when i slide the unlock button?

    so heres my problem, ill try to be as detailed as possible.....

    i SBF'ed my phone 4 or so times due to bootloop because i tryed to rom and all that stuff, im rooted with Z4f or w.e the hell and romed with angel i think? im sorry i dont remeber is the most popular droid 2 global rom on the fourm here i think, anyway before i decided to rom my device, my phone kept bugging out, i would hit the turn on button for the screen....went fine....id slide the unlock and it would imiditatly go back to were it had started, and again id slide it usally it would unlock and put me at the home screen BUT id have the screen shaking or i wouldent be able to push anything on the screen then itd get stuck inbetween the home screen and the next one, and vigorusly shake back and forth, and if i were to leave my text message screen up with say my girlfriend, it would open to that screen and would continuously hit either H G D or U..... 9/10 its those letters, or when it would finnaly unlock the widget screen would pop up, mind you my hand would be no where near that button, its quite frustrating, if anyone has any idea whats going on or how to help it would be appricated, also i romed in order to fix this issuse yet, no avail

    also the only way i can fix it is to try unlocking, hitting the turn off/on screen button then try again, it works 1/5 times

    sorry for all the spelling errors i dont feel like going back and fixing everything!
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    Simple. Sbf the phone again and return it to Verizon. sounds like you have an issue with the hardware and no amount of rooting or romming will fix it.

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