I am traveling to Paris in two weeks.
I have a gsm sim-unlocked android phone.
I would like to buy a sim card to use while in Paris. I will need voice and data.
I will be staying for approximately one week.
Looking online for information is confusing and uncertain.
I've turned up several resources, probably the best of which is:
France - Pay as you go sim with data Wiki
and this page also seems useful:
I tried chatting online with a cs rep at sfr.
They chatted with me in English as I requested, but there were still communication difficulties. They would not confirm that there was a 7 day unlimited internet plan- they said that I would have to go to an SFR store for that information.
SO.... can anyone tell me with some relatively recent experience, whether or not I can get:
A sim card with pay as you go calling and unlimited data for a short period of time (7 days ideally, or a month if necessary)?
And if there are any tricks like setting the APN and such, I'd be grateful to hear those too.

Here's what I can find on the sfr website that most seems to be the data plan referenced in the foodnut link:
Pretty much the last card/offer on the page reads:
Des recharges spécifiques pour votre iPhone 3G (12)
Selon la recharge choisie :
* Recharge 3€ valable 24 heures
* Recharge 10€ valable 7 jours
* Recharges 20€ et 24€ valables 20 jours
Déjà client? Rechargez en ligne
Offre exclusivement réservée aux clients disposant d'un iPhone 3G
Which translates to, using google translate:
Refills for your specific 3G iPhone (12)
According to charging selected:
* Refill € 3 for 24 hours
* Refill € 10 valid for 7 days
* Refills € 20 € and 24 valid 20 days
Already a customer? Recharge online
Offer exclusively reserved for customers with an iPhone 3G

I'd ask this question at foodnut, too, but the comments section there is acting very strange for me. Here's what I tried to post there:
Hello there-
Thank you for this article. I'll be traveling to Paris in a couple of weeks for a one week stay.
2 questions:
Does this deal still exist?
Details on the sfr site are hard to come by.
Can anyone confirm this sim card plus iphone data plan works with a droid gsm sim-unlocked phone?
I have a droid 2 global and the unlock for it, but any android phone confirmation would be great.