Hi, well i'm confused at this time after read a lot of blogs of how to config and get work on MEXICO my Droid 2 Global of verizon USA.
What do i need?.

Actually i got:
-My phone Rooted with bootstrap
-RSD lite,
-HW Virtual Serial Port,

-At this time i got the
Droid 2 Global SBF File (2.4.29) Full Installed on my device but when i try to write the configuration of my carrier 3G using QPST aparently works but when i reboot the phone and read again the config from my phone the config of 3g is not written with my config still the verizon data.

So anybody that can guide me on how fix this, maybe a sbf unlocket could work? can you help me with one?

i will appreciate so much your help to tell me Step by Step what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!