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Thread: Gmail not syncing on Droid 2??? I tried to research no luck.. Pls help

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    Gmail not syncing on Droid 2??? I tried to research no luck.. Pls help

    I had my Droid 2 Global for 3 weeks now, I setup my gmail account the day I got it. But for the past week my incoming gmail hasnít been coming in unless I hit the refresh botton- before I would get emails instantly. I went to application and clear data and cleared cache, I even pulled out battery still not luckÖ I havenít changed any setting. What could be the problem? I even created a 2nd gmail account to see if it does the same and no luckÖ I tried to delete gmail account but it wonít let me unless I factory reset phone. Which I donít too or I will lose all my apps.

    Any ideas???

    Thanks John
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    I'm on a D1 and I've been having Gmail probs the past few days. I'd read msgs, close Gmail and open it again to find those same msgs sitting there as unread, even if I'd deleted them.

    I was beginning to think it was related to the SS5.2 rom I installed on Fri, but as of this morning, all seems to be working again. I hope so. Otherwise, I'll be doing another wipe/install of my rom.

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    Go to settings/accounts and tap on your google account. Make sure checkmark before "sync Gmail" is checked (and the others if you care about contacts and calendar).
    Then go to settings/data manager/data delivery and make sure background data checkbox at top is enabled.
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    If you open settings/applications/manage applications. Select gmail and then clear data. That should help it sync again. I have to do that every once in a while.

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    I had that problem until I figured out what it was.... somewhere in setting (I can't remember where anymore) there's a battery saver thing, if its set on night time then it wont sync unless you manually sync.

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    syncing my gmail through a wireless connection this past week has been 10x slower then usual


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