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With stock ROM I found that if you remove your facebook account and then reload it, it will resnyc but you need the facebook app for Droid already downloaded to properly sync. When you go to re-add the facebook account make sure to pick the facebook icon with darker blue (there will be 2 to choose from). The darker blue one syncs it properly with facebook.
I'm experiencing the same problem as described. This suggestion actually did work. Menu>settings>accounts>facebook account>Remove. It will ask you where you want your picture source to come from for your contacts. Pick something else for now-I picked Myspace.

When you re-add the facebook account, I have 2 icons, but only one lets me add it, which is okay. I selected it to be my new picture source and so far so good. It has updated the pics. The only issue now is that some pictures are remaining as Myspace pics instead of FB pics or contact shortcut pics aren't the same as my contact pics. I'm hoping time and maybe a reboot will fix the quirks.