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Thread: droid 2 global @ 1356 mghz

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    droid 2 global @ 1356 mghz

    I have rooted my droid 2 global and overclocked it with milestone overclock. The best I can get is 1356 @ a vsel of 70. I have read that jrummy's droid overclock app has a setting that is stable at 1450. When I run that app it just reboots my phone. I am currently getting quadrant scores around 2200, with 2258 being my best. I want to know if anyone knows how to get jrummy's app to work or what vsel to use for 1450.
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    That app is made more for the droid 2 and not the droid 2 global I have never got it to work on my droid 2 global but some say they have got it to work, the module thatcit loads is for the droid 2, I can get my phone clocked to 1400 at 60 ves, not all phones can clock much higher than 1350 without stability issues, how I helped

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    Not all D2G's can clock that high without issues. If the phone is clocked too high it will cause it to reboot. The most I have.gotten mine to is 1375, anything past that and it freezes up or reboots. I personally never have it clocked over 800 and its fast, stable, responsive and most of all i get grest battery life.

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    Good luck on getting your phone higher, but I melted my D1 doing this. So just a word of caution there. I keep mine at 800 also, and I have no problems from it. and good battery life as well. Just my 2 cents.
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    I have mine rock solid stable at 1400, I have a white one though, not sure if the hardware is any different, though quickclock is saying that my max would be 1800, not sure I want to test it though

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