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Thread: new to rooting

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    new to rooting

    I have a d2g that I have rooted with z4root and have installed wireless tether. I was wondering what other good things I can do with the my rooted phone that is worth it and what about roms?
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    Rooted phones

    Quote Originally Posted by Trilback View Post
    I have a d2g that I have rooted with z4root and have installed wireless tether. I was wondering what other good things I can do with the my rooted phone that is worth it and what about roms?
    The usual wants/needs of rooting are: Wireless Tether, Battery Pro and SetCPU for extended battery life, Titanium Backup to backup and restore apps and data. Also do a market search for root apps- it should give you quite a list. See which ones draw your attention, try some of them out.

    As for ROMs, the oldest and probably most stable is Fission 2.4.3. Newer, pretty darned good ROMs (I keep reading) are AngelRom, Hexen Rom, Fennux Rom. And some of these guys are working on converting Cyanogen Mod but it is in Beta right now- probably don't want to try it first.

    When you are ready to try a ROM, dig through this forum for info on SBF 2.4.330, RSD Lite, Rooting (I know you already did this, but read some more or read it over and over again), ROM'ing. Or you might want to wait for Gingerbread- it is supposed to be released in the hopefully near future.

    Have fun with you phone- you can SBF back to stock from most mistakes. Just make sure everything you use is for Droid 2 Global and not for any other phone- that one you may not be able to SBF back from!
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    I would suggest heXen as a first rom. It is by far the most stable, fastest all around roms. It is a colaboration of angel and fenom. I have tried them all. Angel and fenom are equally good and fission is plain outdated ( based on 2.29 not. 33) with no support.
    The best way to figure it out is to try them all. Any of them are better than stock. Imo.

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