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Thread: Droid 2 rooting, effect on battery life, any?

  1. Droid Ninja
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    Droid 2 rooting, effect on battery life, any?

    Will rooting my droid 2 do anything for extending my battery?

    Please explain

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    Common Misconception:
    Leaving your GPS on drains battery.
    Truth is: GPS is only used when you open an application that requires it. You can leave GPS toggled on at all times.
  2. Senior Droid
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    AFAIK, rooting won't have any effect on battery life by itself. It does open the door for other changes that can have an effect on battery life.

    Probably the most obvious is using SetCPU to create and manage performance profiles. For example, SetCPU can be used to create a automatic profile that lowers your CPU speed when the screen is off or when the battery has less than X percent remaining.

    I used SetCPU extensively on my D1 and it made a noticeable difference in my battery life (both good and bad depending on the settings I used).

    I will likely re-root my D2 for exactly this reason at some point, but I am challenging myself to stay stock for 2 months.
  3. Droid Ninja
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    SetCPU is good example, also, IRRC, battery extender apps like Juice Defender (and paid enhancement module Ultimate Juice) have more capabilities in a rooted phone.

    I have SetCPU configured to lower my CPU to 300MHz whenever the screen is off...haven't noticed any lag or issues w/it waking up.


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