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Thread: Droid 2 R2D2 root / unroot issue

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    Droid 2 R2D2 root / unroot issue

    Hello everyone,

    I will preface this post with I realize that I'm opening myself to mocking as I have screwed up my phone. With that said, here goes:

    I successfully rooted my Droid 2 R2D2 edition yesterday afternoon. While using it yesterday, I realized that i'd rather go back to its original state (unrooted, I guess). I had no reason to root it in the first place (other than to see if I could), and I figured it would be easy to go back.

    I looked this morning and thought that I had found the correct sbf file to put my phone back to its original R2D2 state. Using RSD Lite, I flashed the sbf file and have now had problems ever since. The sbf file I tried to load prevented my phone from booting and kept it loading into BootLoader. After several re-attempts flash my phone, I then decided to try and reflash the rooted sbf. After a few attempts, the rooted sbf finally got my phone to boot. However, my phone now cannot send or receive texts messages or phone calls and has a blue triangle in the status bar next to the cell signal (which is still a full four bars). It will connect via wifi and can surf the web under those conditions. Also, some of my contacts are no longer in my contact list at all.

    Please help, I know I'm a fool and screwed up. Feel free to mock me all you'd like, I accept it. I just really need to fix this. Thanks.
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