Now is the time to purchase Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale and sign up for a payments account. Not only will you get an inventory management system that's essential to your business, but you'll also receive all the hardware you need (a $600 value) for free.

As a champion of small business, Intuit is making it easier and more affordable to manage your inventory. Much more than just a credit card terminal, it's a retail management system that automatically syncs sales and inventory. It saves you time and money by letting you know what your customers want, so you know what to stock your shelves with.

"Overwhelmingly, small retailers cite 'inventory' as something they'd love to automate," according to Michelle Baker, Senior Marketing Manager at QuickBooks Point of Sale. "However, they also state emphatically that they don't need 'fancy inventory management.'"

Unfortunately, spreadsheets based on manual entry have an 80% error rate. Baker concludes: "Spreadsheets deliver data. Point of Sale delivers information."

Intuit QuickBooks POS is crucial to your success in its capacity to give you all the information you need to help your business thrive. Order Intuit QuickBooks POS today and get all the hardware for free, along with a 60-day money back guarantee. If you have any questions, support is just a click or call away.

Learn more at or call 866-379-6636 to learn more and speak to a Point of Sale expert.