Retail management is becoming more sophisticated—and yet easier—thanks to a powerhouse champion of small business: Intuit, Inc. This is more evident than ever with QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013. New for this version: Seriously simplified merchant service account set-up. Fully-integrated-out-of-the-box mobile capabilities. Automation that makes short work of recurring charges. And a whole new navigation that makes cross-selling and up-selling totally—dare we say it?—intuitive. 

These days, no matter what size retailer you are, having impressive systems and processes isn't a luxury; it's a requirement. The first order of business? Skip the cash register and go for a system that will do it all.

If you haven't seen QuickBooks Point of Sale lately, you'll want to look at their 2013 version (especially since it's being offered free for 30 days).

This souped-up system delivers on the company's promise to help retailers make better business decisions, with impressively easy ways to ring up sales (at the sales desk, on the floor—even on the road), track inventory, and use your own data to get reports like: 

  • What to order (and how often)
  • Best pricing for your merchandise
  • How and when to connect with your customers
Set up, start out, keep going
QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 has an awesome little Setup Wizard. With a few questions and some great interactive video tutorials, even busy retailers can get set up to handle everyday jobs, then start ringing in sales immediately.

Lots of Good News for '13:
New navigation enables much-needed multi-tasking (and makes "suggestive selling" easy at the register).

New bells and whistles for credit card processing: This feature takes the pain of getting set up to take credit cards head-on. As in previous versions, QuickBooks POS 2013 enables credit card processing right in the POS software. Now, you can get that function up and running in minutes. With your answers to a few questions, you get instant notification on your approval status.

New mobile payment capabilities: With their mobile credit card payment app, you can ring in sales anywhere in the store and anywhere on the road. Mobile data syncs automatically with your main terminal for really smart inventory control.

A free hardware offer small retailers can love:
Now is definitely the time to purchase QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 and sign up for a payments account: When you do, you'll get a free mobile swiper (a credit card reader) you can attach to your iPhone, iPad or iPad touch and/or Android mobile device for smooth, effortless integration. You'll also get the POS hardware, FREE (that's a $600 value). QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 gets some great ratings—but of course we always recommend a closer look before buying anything. 

Download the free trial today or call 866-379-6636 to learn more and speak to a Point of Sale expert.