Debunking Hiring Myths

You might think hiring an employee costs too much money or that you'll have to offer a whole range of benefits. Check out the myths and the realities with our quick chart.

Outsourcing Your Payroll

When it comes to paycheck processing, tax filings, and yearly reporting, utilizing a full service payroll partner allows small business owners to focus on what matters most to them- growth. If you want to be hands-off with your company's payroll so you can be hands-on running your business, then Intuit Full Service Payroll is for you.  Right now, Intuit is offering 50% off Full Service Payroll for 6 months, but the offer is only available by phone (800) 669-8213.  

Got questions? A Payroll expert is available to answer your inquiries, and can help guide you through next steps. Call (800) 669-8213 to learn more about this exclusive offer. 

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