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Thread: JRummy's Remix v0.6 - CyanMod

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    Cool JRummy's Remix v0.6 - CyanMod

    Base: CyanogenMod
    Kernel: Bekit's 5 Slot 1.2GHz

    Download Links:

    Clockwork or SPRecovery:
    (see below for instructions)

    Rom with Cyan Theme Mirror
    Rom with Green Theme Mirror
    Rom with Blue Theme Mirror
    Rom with Red Theme (coming soon)
    Rom with Stock Theme Mirror

    Download Additional Goodies: HERE
    *goodies have been updated*
    (see below for instructions)

    Download Additional Kernels Here:
    (also available on rom manager)

    Bekit's Kernels:
    *For easy install see rom manager on the market*
    (I will upload sprecovery compatible kernels for Bekit soon)

    Stock (Default) 0.8.0
    5 Slot 800MHz 0.8.0
    5 Slot 1.0GHz 0.8.0
    5 Slot 1.1GHz 0.8.0
    5 Slot 1.2GHz 0.8.0
    7 Slot 800MHz 0.8.0
    7 Slot 1.0GHz 0.8.0
    7 Slot 1.1GHz 0.8.0
    7 Slot 1.2GHz 0.8.0
    7 Slot 1.3GHz 0.8.0

    P3 Droid's Kernels:


    (all themes have been updated)

    -3 Choices of Cyan, Green and Blue (red coming soon)
    (credit to JRummy, Adamz and GlObe)
    -Custom Boot Animation (credit to Prash, adefran83 and erinata)
    -Custom Live Wallpapers (credit to JRummy and StarScream)

    What you won't find here that is in Koush's rom:

    -Amazon MP3 App
    -Google Goggles
    (download from market)

    What you will find here that isn't in Koush's rom:

    -Themed Helix Launcher 2
    -Themed Helix Launcher 1
    -Themed Launcher2
    -Themed Droid Launcher
    -Wireless Tethering App
    -G1 Sound Recorder App
    -Desire Calculator App
    -Newly Themed Facebook App
    -Newly Themed Pandora App
    -Custom Live Wallpapers


    -HQ Video Recording Tweak (credit to Fede)
    -HQ YouTube Default Tweak (credit to xeudoxus)
    -Longer Duration Between Wifi Scans *Battery Saver*


    Custom Scripts:
    (credit to Pete and JRummy)

    -scripts (lists all scripts)
    -blockads (blocks all ads in apps and browser)
    -clockblack (changes clock and notification colors to black)
    -clockwhite (changes clock and notification colors to white)
    -cpuinfo (shows cpu info)
    -fixbusybox (fixes issues with busybox)
    -free50mb(adjust native system task manager to keep 50mb of RAM free)
    -free75mb (adjust native system task manager to keep 75mb of RAM free)
    -free100mb (adjust native system task manager to keep 100mb of RAM free)
    -godmode (allows viewing and editing of all files on phone using any file viewer)
    -mountsys (mounts system as read/write)
    -movecache (moves Street View, Browser and Market cache to sdcard)
    -rb (reboots phone) *for the lazy*
    -rmbrowser (removes Browser)
    -rmcorpcal (removes Corp Calander)
    -rmdevtool (removes Development App)
    -rmemail (removes Email App)
    -rmfacebook (removes Facebook from system apps)
    -rmgenie (removes Genie Widget)
    -rmim (removes G1 IM app)
    -rmhelix (removes Helix Launcher from system apps)
    -rmhelix2 (removes Helix Launcher 2 from system apps)
    -rmlauncher (removes Droid Launcher)
    -rmlauncher2 (removes Launcher2 from system apps)
    -rmlwps (removes live wallpapers)
    -rmmms (removes Messaging App)
    -rmmount (removes Desire Mount USB app)
    -rmnexusmod (removes Nexus Mod live wallpapers from system apps)
    -rmpandora (removes Pandora from system apps)
    -rmquickoffice (removes Quick Office)
    -rmslide (removes Slide Show Widget)
    -rmsoudrecorder (removes G1 Sound Recorder)
    -rmspareparts (removes Spare Parts app)
    -rmtalk (Removes Google Talk)
    -rmwirelesstether (removes Wireless Tether from system apps)
    -rmyoutube (must I explain?)
    -rr (reboots phone into recovery) *for the lazy*
    -showads (shows adds in apps and in browser)
    -soundoff (disables camera shutter sound & video recording sound)
    -soundon (enables camera shutter sound & video recording sound)
    -switchba (switches boot animation) *place desired bootanimtion.zip in root of sdcard*
    -switchlwp (switches Live Wallpapers) *place desired LiveWallpapers.apk in root of sdcard*
    -unmountsys (mounts system as ro)


    What's inside the goodies:

    -Extra Apps (3D Music App, Desire Mount USB, Themed Handcent, G1 IM app, Slide Show Widget)
    -9 Custom Live Wallpapers
    -20 Fonts
    -Components to enable JIT
    -Your backup for your apps
    -SPRecovery image 0.99.3b
    -Clockwork Recovery Image

    Custom Scripts to apply the goodies:
    *to apply type "su" (enter) "thescriptyouwant" (enter) in terminal emulator*

    For Extra Apps:

    -add3dmusic (adds 3D Music app to system/app)
    -addhandcent (adds themed handcent to system/app)
    -addim (adds G1 IM app to system/app)
    -addmount (adds Desire Mount USB app to system/app)
    -addslideshow (adds Slide Show Widget to system/app)

    For Custom Live Wallpaper:

    -lwpbiowater *credit to StarScream*
    -lwpcolors (over 150 colors)
    -lwpcyandroid *credit to Insaneneiviesis*
    -lwpdroidblue(neural network)
    -lwpdroidgreen (neural network)
    (neural network)
    -lwplivestrong *credit to StarScream*
    -lwpmarley (Bob Marley Stoner LWP) *credit to metalman213*
    -lwporiginal *Sexied up lwp that comes with CyanogenMod*
    -lwpprashboot (cyanogen boot animation lwp)
    -lwptardis *credit to StarScream*

    *make sure you are not running a live wallpaper while switching or your phone will reboot*



    To Enable/Disable JIT:


    Backup/Restore Apps:
    **Faster than any backup application from the market!**

    -backupapps(backs up all current apps) *they are stored on the sdcard under goodies/backup*
    -restorebackup (restores all of your applications you have backed up) *This overwrites any apps you have installed

    ***if you want to restore any applications go into your latest nandroid and place the app and app-private folders in you goodies/backup folder and run the script***
    ***if you want the market to recognize your installed apps run the script before you sign in your account***

    For Switching Recoveries:

    -flashspr (flashes recovery image)
    -flashclockwork (flashes clockwork recovery

    Goodies Instructions:

    -Download the goodies from the above link
    -extract the "goodies" folder to the root of your sdcard
    -run the desired script
    **do not rename any folder**
    **do not mount your sdcard while running scripts**

    Clockwork Installation Instructions:
    *You don't have to wipe data if you are running CyanogenMod*

    -Update & backup any files you wish to restore, this will wipe /data
    -Place the ROM on the root of your sdcard
    -Reboot into recovery mode (hold the power and "x" button at the same time)
    -Wipe data/factory reset
    -Wipe cache partition
    -Install ZIP from sdcard
    -Choose ZIP from sdcard
    -Reboot and Enjoy!

    SPRecovy Installation Instructions:
    *You don't have to wipe data if you are running CyanogenMod*

    -Update & backup any files you wish to restore, this will wipe /data
    -Rename the rom to update.zip
    -Place the ROM on the root of your sdcard
    -Reboot into recovery mode (hold the power and "x" button at the same time)
    -Wipe data/factory reset
    -Wipe cache partition
    -Allow update.zip Installation
    -Install /sdcard/update.zip (depreciated)
    -Reboot and Enjoy!

    Thanks to Koush, Bekit, PDR447, Adamz, P3Droid, and all the others I missed.

    If you feel a desire to donate please consider donating to these devs and then spare your extra change here *Donations are appreciated*

    Feedback, suggestions and ideas are welcome.
    Last edited by jrummy16; 04-19-2010 at 11:13 PM.
  3. Master Droid
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    Looks nice, might try it out.
  4. Droid Ninja
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    Droid A855
    Sweet going for it now.
  5. Droid
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    Moto Droid
    Definitely hittin this up!
  6. Master Droid
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    Eris to D1 to DX to Tbolt.
    J Rummy,

    You must have been reading my mind. I have been rocking your 5.0.6 rom for over a week and i was thinking it was time for an new one and I just logged onto DF and BAM, there it is.

    I'm downloading it now. I know it will rock.
  7. Droid
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    Nov 2009
    And I just took the plunge into the stock CM...waited for a theme....just did that. Log into DF and all of a sudden there is a new JRummy remix. Mixed emotions... but thank you... Now I am loading yours up right now!
  8. Junior Droid
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    Hey JRummy great theme, I have a few cosmetic issues with the Cyan version of v0.6.

    First Set CPU widget is cut off at the bottom where it shows the temp.

    Second I moved from your blue theme in v0.5 to your cyan one and will you be updating the GMail,and YouTube Icons to match the theme like what was done in the Blue Version

    Last and Least will you be re-including a cyan star splotch next to the verizon wireless in the drop down.

    Overall from my tests compared to your previous version, There is a significant speed up from your last version(dont know if thats due to you or cyanogen/koush but much appreciated)

    I still need to test various Bekits Kernals because I also had a MAJOR problem of overheating when streaming music via tunewiki while docked.

    All in all this is a very polished rom thank you for your time and effort on this.
    Last edited by Adrinalin; 04-17-2010 at 02:02 AM. Reason: typo's
  9. Droid
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    Nov 2009
    My only issue so far is when type a message in landscape using the keyboard... the input field doesn't get big enough, not making the words viewable. If that makes sense
  10. Master Droid
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    Jan 2010
    Enter Current Phone Here
    Jrummy thanks for the work. Do you plan to put this on the ROM manager? I see only your older versions on the ROM manager. I am at work and would like to try this out.
  11. Senior Droid
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    Apr 2010
    Moto Droid X
    Download links appear to be broken....please put them on ROM manager..
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