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Thread: Q: On Liquid ROMs And Their Use of cache...

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    Q: On Liquid ROMs And Their Use of cache...

    Hey All, I recently decided to give GB 2.3.7-based Liquid 3.0 a go after having some (minor, admittedly) problems with re-establishing connections while going in and out of 3g and/or 1x reception zones on some of the other GB-based ROMs. I'm not having as many connection problems, so that's good, but I get the dreaded "Insufficient space on device" error after a clean ROM install during app syncing. I've seen via a forum search that this error is common, as well as old, and it's led me to ask: Do the Liquid ROMs use cache in a fundamentally different way than other GB ROMs? I ask for a few reasons: (1) When I look at my available space after the above error, the only thing that's topping out is my cache usage. (2) After I get this failure, again from a clean install, I can reboot into recovery and wipe the cache, then load my remaining apps with no problems. (Other than the fact that I haven't found an easy way to do this, so it's a pretty big headache.) (3) Finally, after doing a full app installation, if at any time I go ahead and do the reboot-wipe-cache thing, the reboot takes significantly longer than just a normal reboot without the wipe. Also, just after the wipe, I see that I'm at close to 40% cache usage. On, e.g., PE6.5 my typical cleanly wiped and rebooted cache usage is something like 2%. Thanks for any guidance you guys might provide me on this. I really know very little about this whole business, and confess to be an almost total non-contributor to these forums... cheers, john
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    Not sure about caches but I move some apps to SD card using TiBu and that frees up internal memory

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