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Thread: A reminder to support your dev.

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    A reminder to support your dev.

    Hi guys.

    I don't post often but I felt something needed to be said. I see a lot of complaining about bugs and different problems you are having. Let's not forget that Gingerbread was never even supposed to run on the D1. These devs are doing nothing short of pulling a rabbit out of their collective hats and you are upset that it has a black tail. Remember there will be bugs. It's unavoidable. Do your best to report them (politely) and enjoy your rabbit for what it is.

    My Droid is the equivalent to a great-great grandfather now. It's been around the block a few times as the world around it has slowly outgrown it. Luckily for me it gets new LGB organ transplants every couple of weeks to keep it alive and kicking. Where would I be if I didn't have a "doctor" to come up with the goods?

    For gods sake remember to support your dev! These guys are seeing tens of thousands of downloads and most people don't even kick in a dime to show their support. I live paycheck to 2 days before paycheck but I try to show my support whenever possible (stupid rent). You tip your waitress, you tip the pizza guy, the guy who makes your coffee. Why not tip your dev??

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    i don't tip my pizza guy as I pick it up myself.
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    These devs make next to nothing to provide us with fun new stuff to play with...giving a little to them surely won't hurt much. I've given to nearly all the devs whose work I have used...spread the love...
    Maybe not as much as I'd like, but at least a little something.
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    I agree. The devs work hard to give us what they do. They deserve to be paid for their work. Think of it like this, a pc's os isn't cheap, and you need it for your pc to work. The roms the devs make for us is the same thing. You wouldn't have it if they weren't here. Give them what they deserve.

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    I definitely agree, plus the nightlies are always a fun treat

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